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Our value is about behavior indicators modeling. BPIs based exclusively in our customers business drivers based on a Behavior-Patterns Methodology..

On 2011, with the growth of Social 2.0 and with the globalization as a key driver in business, we propose a deep and effective era of analysis. 

On 2009 Gartner wrote about the five Eras of IT Business Value Add:  1951: Automation, 1992: Augmentation, 1997: E-Commerce , 2005: Externalizing , and 2007: Business Patterns

Now we are going one step beyond. We summarize the Mission of Behavior-Patterns as all Analytics for Enterprise Social Network Behaviors


All companies already have a lot of social networks inside and outside of their divisions. Indeed, some of these social networks are the base of their Organizational Culture. Their behavior is key to develop competitive advantages.  

With focus in companies with more than 500 employee and multiple geographic locations, Behavior-Patterns makes a social network analysis of their current related data (logs, queries, reports, communications, events, trainings, etc)

Behavior-Patterns use force-directed layout algorithms and multi-scale schemes for drawing drafts in company with transformation data methods in a substantial new form to see formal and informal behavior organizational relations.

Our value is far more tangible than increases in sales and productivity or reduction of costs.

Our value is the analysis and measure of the behavior that produce these goals.

Our value is produce Action Suggested Reports based in tangible behavior measurements.

Our mission will be to provide services and patents custom made for our customers related to Enterprise Social Networking.


Customers: 500+ employees and/or contractors, multiple geographic locations

Delivery time-frame: Net 120 hours in 3 month-gross timeframe

Result: Action Suggested Reports with Metrics Analysis

Our commitment is to be results oriented

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